Reflections #1

I want to get lost in a really good book and forget the tumults of reality. But I also feel afraid that if I lose myself too much I wouldn’t pay attention to smaller issues in reality that may become big if I don’t immediately address them. But, this is the only way I feel charged. By reading a really […]

Story – Clockwork Hearts

I hear the gate clang shut as I place the teacups on a tray beside a plateful of their favourite Karanchi Bakery’s fruit biscuits. I greet them back to their cheery “salam” as I put the tray on the table on the front porch and retreat back to watch them from the door as they settle down on wicker chairs […]

Agatha Christie Day

I started reading Agatha Christie about 12 years ago when I had bought N or M? from my hometown’s old and famous bookshop, Good Books. I had picked it up on a whim not knowing what to expect. I had heard of Agatha Christie vaguely but I had not read any of her books before. I am glad I did […]

The Birds by Daphne du Maurier

I had read about this story somewhere earlier and had kept a tab in my mind to read it later. Needless to say, the tab was lost and I forgot. Until yesterday – when I was reading a newspaper article about how this story had predicted future (our present) environmental crisis 70 years ago. So, I decided to give it […]

A tree is my forest

On International Day of Forests, here is a little piece in praise of the tree that enlivens my day, every day… To the north side of my house, a window opens to the welcoming green branches of a tree. And just like that, I am transported from my mundane room to a magical sylvan aura. This single tree gives me […]